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Inside-Out Accounts of ‘What’s Working’ in Your Setting

What is a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an event hosted by an educator, where people who gather are not just participants but also presenters. Usually – though each TeachMeet is different – presentations will go for 2 minutes or 7 minutes, in order to keep the event fast-paced.

There is usually a theme so that the presentations have a common thread and learning can be gained about, and across, several contexts and levels of experience – everyone and everywhere are considered of equal importance. Much of the learning happens in the breaks, where participants can network with the presenters and each other.

The power, influence and draw of TeachMeets

TeachMeets started in a Scottish pub in 2006 and have spread internationally as educators have voiced concern over the how expensive a lot of professional learning and CPD cost and how time-poor they feel.

This grassroots movement of educators has realised the power of sharing stories, experiences, resources and bright ideas for free, between real teachers in real classrooms with other teachers. They have proven so successful that Ministers of Education have attended and presented, as have researchers, academics and educational services.

Getting practical …

The beauty of TeachMeets is that they can be in person or virtual, they can be short (about an hour) or long (about a day) and they can be held anywhere where educators can gather in number and be relatively undisturbed – a library, a pub or restaurant, classroom etc.

It often helps to have a power supply as many presenters like to project slides or videos, simulations or a photo collection to support and show what they are talking about. The focus is about bringing teachers together to share lots of ideas, resources or pitch a project for collaboration and have lots of conversations in order to build stronger relationships and networks of professional learning.

So … TeachMeet WSIF 2017 (St Paul’s – #TMWSIF2017)

World School gives us the great opportunity to connect and learn from international colleagues from diverse contexts but with a point of unity – membership of this special family of schools and forum.

This year the theme will be ‘What is making a difference to teacher learning and development in your context?’ This opens the door to sharing a story of an approach, expectation, innovation or policy which see’s teachers in your school grow and develop their professional skills and knowledge. You may measure this growth in terms of improving student outcomes, developing staff capacity, growing strategic potential or something more holistic around the notion of service, leadership etc.

Points of note:

  • Venue: Noosa North Shore (staff area);
  • Focus/Theme: What is making a difference to teacher learning and development in your context?’;
  • Duration: 3 hours (split sessions with breaks);
  • Participant presenting time: 7 minutes;
  • Participant technologies: all presentations sent through to St Paul’s School (WorldSchool2017@stpauls.qld.edu.au) no later than Friday 29 September and will run off a Windows Laptop – we will bring your presentations and USB pointer/clicker. Audio and video will work;
  • Note-Taking: packs for documenting ideas/thoughts/reflections will be provided;
  • Take-aways: all presentation materials will be made available on WSIF website and the sessions will be filmed and uploaded;
  • Social-Media: we will use #TMWSIF2017 to live Tweet thoughts/reflections

Credit: Matt Esterman (@Mesterman) and Jon Andrews (@Obi_Jon_)

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