Official welcome

Welcome from the World School Director

On behalf of Masaki Matsudaira, the World School founder and former Chairman to the Board of Trustees at Kanto International School; Mr. Yasuo Kamouchi, the present Chairman, and

Mr. Harman, the Head Teacher. I would like to welcome representatives to the twentieth World School International Forum hosted by our representative school to Australia, St. Paul’s School.

This year marks a very special milestone in the history of the World School. We are not only privileged that St. Paul’s School will be hosting the event for its second time in Brisbane since 2006, but this year also marks the 20th International Forum since it was founded by Kanto International Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan.

In the many years that have passed since St. Paul’s School joined the World School membership, its relationships with World School member schools in 21 regions of the world have flourished.

As its sister school in Japan, Kanto International Senior High School has enjoyed many years of exchanges. Our students and teachers have been proud to call St. Paul’s their home away from home as they return with fond memories of the friendships made, lessons learned and most importantly with the lasting and life changing acceptance as members of the St. Paul’s community.

Led by Dr. Paul Browning and Mr Jon Andrews, the experienced team at St. Paul’s School have dedicated much time and effort in preparing an absolutely wonderful educational experience which you will greatly benefit from.

We are all overjoyed to welcome you. You have been carefully selected and a great investment has been made in you. We challenge you to listen and learn with your hearts and minds.

We challenge you, to shine and to “stand as one”.

Daryoosh Javan Matsudaira,
World School Director
Kanto International Senior High School
Tokyo, Japan


Welcome from the St Paul’s School Headmaster

St Paul’s School are proud members of the wonderful global forum called World School. Each year we have been privileged to send three students and a host teacher to the forum. Everyone who attends attests to the hospitality extended by the host school, the experiences had and the amazing friendships made.

This year we are incredibly excited to return the generosity offered by Kanto, and each of the schools who have hosted in the past, by holding the 2017 World School event at St Paul’s School, Australia.

In line with our School’s Vision for 2028 we are planning an experience like none other. It will be a unique opportunity to look into the future, and through the use of design thinking, develop solutions for some of the problems our global community is facing.

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2017 World School forum. I can’t wait to meet you later this year.

Dr Paul Browning
St Paul’s School