What to bring with you

School contributions to prepare and bring with you

Information regarding personal items to bring

Important – Insurance

During the World School Forum, St Paul’s School and the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, Australia disclaim all liability, excepting direct negligence. It is therefore recommended that each Delegate arranges suitable  comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of my travel and attendance at the Event inclusive of cover for costs and losses they may incur from events such as sickness, accident, injury,  loss or damage of their property as well as changes to their travel arrangements and, where applicable, for loss of income.

General Items

1. Photos of you and your family to share with your billet family and other student delegates.
2. Cash; all meals and transportation is paid for however incidental and gifts are not.
3. Medication that you may require.
4. Toiletries.
5. Sunscreen.
6. Insect repellent.
7. Torch.
8. Alarm Clock.
9. Adaptors, cords etc (particularly connecting to HDMI and VGA for presentations)
10. Gift for your billet family; it should reflect your appreciation for hosting you for 7 nights.
11. Pens, pencil and other stationary you use when studying.

Clothing & accessories

1. Sports clothes and sneakers; make sure your sneakers are comfortable to walk in.
2. A second pair of sneakers that can get wet.
3. Smart casual clothes for everyday use. Jeans and t-shirts are fine, but no ripped, torn, or revealing clothes. Shorts and skirts should be knee length. T shirts must cover your shoulders. You will be visiting St Paul’s School for one week, wear students wear a uniform. Closed in footwear must be worn daily.
4. Formal uniform or dress for official occasions.
5. Light jumper.
6. Pyjamas.
7. Bath Towel.
8. Swimwear & swimming towel or clothes that you are comfortable in when getting wet.
9. Flip flops (sandals for beach)

Your billet family will be able to wash clothing at the end of your first week.

Upon arrival in Australia you will be given the opportunity to separate your luggage at St Paul’s School. You may wish to leave items such as booth information that are not required for your 5 night stay at Noosa in a secured room at St Paul’s School.

Many mobile phone providers have ‘roaming’ data and call plans that delegates may wish to discuss with their parents/carers (and their providers) in preparation for travelling to the World School Forum 2017. If you would prefer to purchase a SIM card for use in Australia, you will have the opportunity to purchase a card at Brisbane Airport upon your arrival. SIM cards purchased in Australia will only work on Sim Unlocked Phones. The Sim cards will not work with phones that are tied for exclusive use by one Phone Company. Please note that Australian SIM cards cannot be purchased online. The St Paul’s School Welcoming Staff will be able to direct you to the Phone booths at the Airport.

Delegates will have access to Wi-Fi whilst at St Paul’s School, however Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone usage is extremely limited at the Noosa Accommodation.